Jim Cox

E-mail from Jack Senn


Hi Tom,

I was going to write a couple of weeks ago, but about that time I saw that the domain registration for ua75.com had expired. I now see that it is back again.. I wasn’t sure that you were still maintaining the website, but like the rest of the lifetime appointments we seem to wind up with, I figured I’d start with you and if there is anyone else that should be getting this, please forward it to them.

I have some sad news concerning one of our fellow classmates, Jim Cox. An old friend of mine who I had lost track of many years ago, he has been showing up on your “Lost Souls” page for quite some time. I’ve been trying to locate him through Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook for the last couple of years, although when you only have Jim Cox and Washington D.C. to work with it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Anyway, there was a reunion of the Boulevard Presbyterian youth group a couple of weeks ago and Jim’s sister Kathy (Class of ’74) was there. She said that Jim passed away about three years ago. There are a few more details that I have that really are not necessary to go into here.

Long story to go around, but I would like to have you post his picture on the “In Memoriam” wall if you could. There may be some people who wondered whatever happened to him. So many of the “Lost Souls” we don’t know what happened to them, but maybe this brings just a little closure. Jim was quite a character back in the day. I was in his wedding and I am sad that I have not seen him in almost 20 years.

Again, as someone who moved away from Columbus almost 25 years ago, I do appreciate what you do with the website. All of my family has moved away from Arlington so I have not been back to town in years. Maybe some day when things slow down a little …..   

Thanks again.


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