Barbara Visintine LeVeque

Obituary for Barbara Visintine LeVeque

On Wednesday, January 27, at 12:44 AM, Barbara Visintine LeVeque passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her husband and three children. Barbara always said that all she wants in life is to give back to others, and now that she has passed, we know she will continue this mission beyond her years - through her friends, family, and community.

For those who never got the chance to meet Barbara, here are a few things about her we would like you to know:

Barbara had a superhero-sense for empathy - with an incredible ability to look into the soul of everyone she met, making them feel seen and accepted for who they are, as they are.

Barbara was an architect of beauty - whether it was Christmas with her family, designing the perfect space, or bringing her children into the world, she had a unique ability to find and create beauty everywhere she went.

Barbara had a contagious energy for life - not just for her life, but for the life of her children, her husband, and everyone she got the chance to meet. When you spent time with her, you couldn't help but feel more whole as a person.

Barbara was a self-proclaimed "ball of love" - Barbara knew that love takes patience, love takes courage, and love takes the ability to listen more than you talk. Perhaps, her love is her greatest legacy. And for those reading, she would encourage you to waste no time telling the people in your life how much they mean to you.

After three years of battling Stage IV Ovarian Cancer, Barbara is survived by her husband of fifteen years, Colin LeVeque, her three children, Alexis Kirk, William Kirk, and Cameron Kirk, her mother, Janyce Yeager, her father, John Visintine Jr., her sister, Karen Visintine, her brothers Martin Visintine and John Visintine III, and her step-kids Colin LeVeque Jr., Brie LeVeque, Bunny LeVeque, and Elise LeVeque.

For those interested in hearing more stories about Barbara or have stories they would like to tell, please reach us at <>. If you are interested in donating to causes that Barbara supported, please consider donating to her GoFundMe page at (<>;)